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Best Basketball Shoes

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Basketball is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with players and fans alike loving the fast-paced and skilful sport. Those who play basketball will be well aware of the requirements, with rapid reflexes and major airtime often being the difference between winning and losing. With the sport having become quicker and higher than ever before, the best basketball shoes can now have a significant effect on your performance.




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I have put together a list of some of the best basketball shoes available on the market today, while I have taken into consideration factors such as your position on the court, comfort, support and flexibility when testing such products. Let’s get things underway by looking at the first of my suggested products.

Best Basketball Shoes

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Nike Lebron 16

Nike Lebron 16

The latest edition of the Lebron series from Nike has been designed with the strongest player on the court in mind, however, I found that its flyknit upper still means that they remain relatively lightweight. Meanwhile, the tongue and lacing system allows for easy entry and exit, as well as locking down the feet when on the court.

Elsewhere, the Lebron 16 combines Air Max and Zoom Air cushioning systems in order to provide maximum comfort and support, which I found absorbs major impact when landing on the court. As well as this, additional support is offered thanks to a padded collar, which should also help eliminate any Achilles issues.

The Lebron 16 is available in different colours to suit your needs, while Lebron James’ signature logo features throughout on the shoes. The Lebron 16 is suited to both on and off the court thanks to its fashionable design and it’s also available at a good price point when compared to some of their competitors.

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Nike Air Jordan XXXII

Nike Air Jordan XXXIIThe Jordan brand is now synonymous with the game of basketball, with the Air Jordan XXXII undoubtedly being the most technologically advances shoes developed to date. Flyknit technology is once again used in order to replicate a sock-like fit. I found that the Air Jordan XXXII is also one of the most breathable products on the market during testing, which was great.

These shoes also come with a whole host of support and cushioning, with the internal foam and Zoom Air in the heel meaning that I found no issues upon impact with the court. The Air Jordan XXXII is likely to suit centres and point guards in particular, with the responsiveness of the shoes allowing for explosive movements to be made.

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Adidas Pro Bounce 2018

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018

Adidas has developed one of the best basketball shoes on the market today, with the Pro Bounce 2018 being a good option for those looking to get into the sport for the first time or if you are only playing on intermittently. These shoes have been developed for all-round players, while they also have the real feel of a traditional basketball sneaker.

The Pro Bounce’s padded collar provides both support and flexibility, which I found to be perfect for quick changes of movement when testing the shoes on the court. Meanwhile, unique cushioning is located on the sole of the shoes, which provides enhanced comfort throughout.

The Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 comes in a range of colourways, while its price point means that it should cater to a wide range of players. I found these shoes to excel in most aspects of the game, especially with jumping and sprinting.

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Under Armour Curry 5

Curry 5 Basketball Shoes

Named after one of the most dominant players in the modern-day NBA, the Curry 5 from Under Armour is designed for those who like to be unpredictable on the court. The lightweight feel of the shoes is perfect for both speed and agility, which I found makes it easy to move around the court with ease. Meanwhile, a knitted upper is once again utilised, meaning that the Curry 5 is both a breathable and comfortable option.

Elsewhere, an EVA-cushioned midsole delivers underfoot responsiveness, which I found helps with quick steps and changes in direction when dribbling on the court. As well as this, the Curry 5 features foam technology in the forefoot and heel, ensuring that your feet will stay locked-in at all times.

The Curry 5 is undoubtedly one of the most simplistic of the shoes discussed in terms of its design, however, this does not mean that it is not as effective as others, with Under Armour having developed a product that
should maximise your on-court performance, whilst also potentially acting as a casual sneaker off it.

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Reebok Shaq Attaq

In a world of futuristic looking shoes, the Shaq Attaq from Reebok offers players more of an old-school option, whilst still catering for the modern game with its range of features. A mixture of leather and mesh on the upper of the shoes offers both comfort and breathability, while I found that the mid-cut design offers increased stability when on the court.

One of the main features of the Shaq Attaq is pump technology, which is designed to provide wearers with a custom fit. Elsewhere, I found that the herringbone outsole helps when it comes to traction on the court, while this has also been utilised in order to ensure that these shoes are extremely durable.

The Shaq Attaq shoes are available at a good price, while they are likely to appeal to traditional and long-standing basketball players and fans due to their look and feel.

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Buyers Guide

You should find something to suit your needs from the list of best basketball shoes above, however, there are still some important things to consider before making your purchase. The following are all factors worth looking into before picking your favourite basketball shoe.


The materials found on your potential basketball shoes are likely to affect how durable and long-lasting they are, meaning that those taking to the court on a regular basis should consider investing in a good-quality pair. Many of the materials used by manufacturers today are lightweight, flexible and durable, meaning that you are spoilt for choice on the whole.

Body Type

A basketball team is made up of a range of different types of player, with many shoes available today having been designed with specific individuals in mind. For instance, the Lebron 16 is perfect for those who require a significant amount of support, while the Curry 5 is more suited to smaller and quicker players.


Basketball shoes are designed are seemingly becoming narrower and narrower in their design, meaning that it is increasingly difficult for those of you with a wider foot to find something that suits their needs. As a result, going for a shoe with a leather or suede upper means that you should achieve greater comfort, while going half a size or even a full size bigger than normal can also help to combat this issue.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Where you play basketball is also likely to have an effect upon which type of shoe you ultimately purchase, despite their being relatively little difference between the two. Shoes designed for outdoor use tend to have additional tread, which will help increase traction on concrete surfaces. Elsewhere, outdoor shoes are also sometimes higher in their cut, adding to their durability and stability on harder surfaces.

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