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Best Cycling Shoes

A shoe for all cycling abilities

Those serious about their cycling will be well aware of the importance of buying a good pair of shoes, however, this process is not as easy as you might think, with a huge number of products being available.


The type of shoe required will depend on the type of cycling it is that you do, features such as the fit, fastening system, and cleat style could potentially have an effect on the performance.

As a result, I have put together a list of some of the best cycling shoes on the market, which range in style, price and look. I’m certain you’ll find something that meets your cycling demands below, whether you are an experienced rider or looking to get into a new form of exercise.

Let’s get things underway by looking at my first product.

Best Cycling Shoes

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Giro Sentrie Techlace

Giro Sentrie Techlace

Giro is now a major player in the world of cycling, with their latest shoes offering maximum comfort thanks to the addition of both laces and strap on the forefoot. The Boa L6 dial feature allows for 1mm adjustments to be made, which I also found helped to quickly get in and out of the shoe.

A welded upper ensures breathability and comfort, while a carbon composite outsole provides excellent durability. These shoes from Giro also come with adjustable arch support, which allowed me to find the perfect fit during testing.

Weighing in at just 245g (UK size 9), the Sentrie Techlace is extremely lightweight, which makes them an excellent all-rounder, as well as being a good option for those who use their bike to commute to work.

They are one of the more expensive options on the market, however, their attractive design and excellent performance means that this is potentially an investment worth making.

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Shimano RW5 Dryshield

Shimano RW5 DryshieldThese shoes are a perfect option for those who regularly take to the streets in winter conditions, with the fact that they are completely sealed meaning that they are both waterproof and warm.

As well as this, the RW5 Dryshield’s from Shimano are easy to get on and off thanks to a mix of both lacing and Velcro strapping.

These shoes are only likely to be suitable for a certain type of rider, with the fact that they weigh in at around 680g meaning that they are one of the heaviest products on the market. However, high-viz reflective elements will help riders to stand out in dark conditions and I found that the ankle collar helped to keep out any dirt or mud during testing, which was an added bonus.

The RW5 Dryshield is available in either a 2 or 3 bolt cleat style, while the nylon-carbon soles help to maximise durability, even in the harshest conditions.

You will definitely be glad that you bought a pair of these on those cold rides into work during the winter months.

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Specialized Torch 3.0

Specialized Torch 3.0

The lightweight feel and comfort of the Torch 3.0 from Specialized are undoubtedly one of the best all-round cycling shoes available at present. The product has been designed in order to reduce air resistance as one of its main selling points.

The Torch 3.0 is perfect for more experienced riders, with the price, being the most expensive mentioned so far, still making it affordable in comparison to other high-performance options.

A carbon fibre sole can be found on these cycling shoes, which I found really helps to transfer power when in the saddle. The three-bolt cleat pattern means that these shoes are suitable for all major road bikes. The footbeds have also been ergonomically designed in order to boost power and increase efficiency.

Available in two different colourways depending on your style, the Torch 3.0 is one of the more expensive in this list of best cycling shoes, however, their weight and stability make them an excellent option for a range of road users.

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Fi’zi:k Infinto R1 Knit

Fi'zi:k Infinto R1 Knit

Fi’zi:k is well-known within the cycling industry for developing some of the best racing equipment around, which includes their Infinito R1 Knit.

These shoes are undoubtedly some of the most stylish around at present, with their knitted upper allowing for excellent ventilation, whilst also ensuring that they remain extremely lightweight.

I found that due to their barefoot feel, the Infinito R1 Knit is also suitable for indoor training, with perhaps their only negative factor being that they are not so good in winter conditions.

A carbon sole plate helps to ensure that these shoes are durable and they come with a 3-bolt cleat for added support.

The Infinito R1 Knit is available in a number of colours, which range from basic and simplistic designs to modern and stand out options. These shoes are undoubtedly targeting the more advanced and high-mile road users, which is what sets them apart from most road cycling shoes.

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DZR Jetlag Nero

DZR Jetlag NeroFor those looking for a pair of shoes that can work both on and off the bike, the Jetlag Nero from DZR will be right up your street. Despite not being as technologically advanced as some of the other options discussed already, these shoes are still suitable for the casual biker, with their gum traction sole helping to prevent slips.

Throughout testing, I found that the simple Velcro strap across the forefoot helps to lock the foot down, whilst not negatively affecting comfort levels. Reflective materials also mean that you will stand out in the dark, whilst it is also worth noting that the Jetlag Nero is made from 100% vegan-friendly materials if that’s something that is important to you.

These shoes are some of the most affordable that I’ve tested and the casual nature of the DZR Jetlag Nero ensures that they cater for those looking for a product in which they can on and off the bike.

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Buyers Guide

You should have found something that suits your needs when it comes to cycling with the products discussed in this article, however, it is worth considering some important factors before going ahead with your purchase.

Bolt Cleats

Those looking for clipless shoes will need to find a pair of shoes that will match up with your bike. The majority of cycling shoes clip in with a three-bolt cleat that users can attach to the soles of their feet. However, you may choose to go with a two-bolt cleat, offering a more mountain bike style ride.

So, before making your purchase, be sure that your shoes will be compatible with your bike.


Cycling shoes should generally feel snug, however it important to have a little room in the toe in order to ensure that you do not easily suffer from cramp or muscle issues.

Most shoes in this area are normally true to size, however, be sure to see what existing customers have said about a potential product.


The features required from a pair of cycling shoes will probably depend on how seriously you are planning on taking this pastime. Commuters might be looking out for features such as reflectors and waterproof uppers, while racers will be better with a carbon sole and efficient fastening system.

Work out what you are looking for before beginning making your purchase.


A stiff sole certainly helps to ensure for a more efficient transfer of energy, however it important to also have a certain amount of flexibility in order to combat discomfort. Finding a balance between the two is therefore key, however, this is again likely to depend on the type of cycling that you are carrying out.

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