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Best Football Boots for Kids

Great value meets great performance.

Those looking for a new pair of football boots for their child are potentially already aware of the difficulties in finding something that they will find appealing in terms of both look and feel. As a result, I have put together a list of some of the best football boots for kids currently on the market, as well as their different strengths and weaknesses surrounding surfaces, cost and colours.


Parents in the UK will also know all about the types of conditions that their kids have to take to the field in, with this also potentially having an impact upon your choice of boots.

With so much choice nowadays, the following boots are certain to put a smile on your child’s face, as they look to replicate the skills of their favourite players on the weekend.

But, they are also going to offer great value as the inevitability of your child growing out of these boots must be a factor to consider.

So, let’s take a look at some of my favourite football boots available in kids sizes.

Best Football Boots for Kids

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Nike Jr. Superfly 6 Elite

Nike jr Superfly Elite 6

A replica of the adult version of this hugely popular boot, the Nike Superfly 6 Elite is certain to help your child stand out on the pitch, with Cristiano Ronaldo having made this product hugely popular over recent years.

Nike’s flyknit technology is used throughout the upper, which helps to ensure that those wearing the boots will have their feet locked down at all times.

A sock-like feature helps kids to easily slip the boots on and off, while also providing additional comfort around the ankles.

A two-part modular plate system helps to provide additional traction, perfect for kids who enjoy using their speed on the pitch. The Superfly is available from sizes 3-5.5.5, while other Nike models come in smaller sizes.

The Superfly 6 Elite is by no means a cheap option, however, there are also additional versions available from Nike, which have a very similar look, without being quite as good in terms of the materials used.

The Nike Jr. Superfly 6 Elite is also available for a range of different playing surfaces, including firm ground, soft ground and artificial. Many kids will be able to use a firm ground option on both natural grass and artificial surfaces, however.

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Adidas Predator 18+

Adidas Predator 18+

Another top end product comes from Adidas this time, with the latest offering from their Predator range now also being available for kids.

The Predator 18+ has a similar look to the Nike Superfly, with a sock fit collar providing additional ankle stability. These boots are also unique in the fact that they do not have laces, however, this does make it all the more important to find the right size for your child.

Adidas have countered this issue by introducing an anatomically designed upper, which will mimic the shape of your child’s heel. A control skin upper helps to ensure that the weather conditions will not have a huge effect upon the control of the ball, perfect for those who regularly play on wet pitches.

The Predator 18+ comes in a range of colours, with the latest being a salmon pink option, which is being worn by the likes of Paul Pogba and Mesut Ozil. This option from Adidas is available in both firm ground and artificial versions.

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Puma One 3 Lth

Puma One 3 Lth

For those looking for something with more of a traditional feel that still has a modern feel to it, the Puma One 3 is undoubtedly a fantastic option. With many kid’s football teams encouraging their players to go for a black boot in order to keep them grounded, this option from Puma has everything that you need.

Once again, a sock-like feature is found, coming in a spandex material this time around, which offers a snug fit around the ankle. The fact that the boots upper is made entirely of leather provides both comfort and durability.

Puma have developed a stud configuration that helps to maximise speed on firm ground, potentially meaning that your child can resemble the skills of the likes of Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Aguero.

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New Balance Junior Furon v4 Dispatch

New Balance Junior Furon V4 Dispatch FGNew Balance is becoming a major player in the world of football, with Liverpool’s Sadio Mane having impressed hugely wearing their boots over recent years.

The New Balance Junior Furon v4 is both affordable and attractive in appearance, with the boots being available in firm ground, artificial and indoor options.

These boots have a more traditional feel to them, with a textured upper helping to ensure that they are still both comfortable and supportive, despite being extremely lightweight. A traditional PU tongue configuration makes it easy for younger kids to quickly tie their laces.

The Furon v4 is designed for players with speed, meaning that it caters especially well for wingers and forwards. These boots are available in sizes 10 – 6, with the price being the same across the board. This is definitely a great option for parents looking for a high-quality and affordable pair of boots for their kids.

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Buyers Guide

You should by now have a much better understanding about some of the best football boots for kids available to purchase today, however, there are still some important factors that must be considered before making your final decision.


Many children will play football on a range of different surfaces, whether it be at school or for a local club. Of course, it is difficult to find an option that will be suitable for both the wet grass and indoor surfaces, so consider the best way to get around this, which may involve purchasing more than one pair of boots.


For those kids who still struggle to tie their laces unassisted, it may well be worth going for a boot without laces, which have been discussed in this article. Such options still provide the fit required, with taking the boots on and off being easier than ever.


It is easy to give in to your kid’s demands when purchasing the latest pair of football boots, but, it is important to consider that they are unlikely to last for a significant period due to their rapid growth at an early age. Of course, for kids playing football at a high level, you may well wish to give them the best boots available, however, this will not apply to all.


All parents will know about the weekly cleaning of boots after a match on a Sunday afternoon, with some of the latest products not being as easy to wash due to their material. As a result, it may be worth considering a more traditional leather boot, which can be cleaned in a matter of minutes, rather than some of the more synthetic options that are also on offer.

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