9 Best New Balance Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Finding shoes specifically designed to help flat feet is like finding a needle in a haystack. Archless feet can make exercise uncomfortable for the feet, ankles, and even the knees and hips.

Sometimes, buying a pair of shoes online can be tedious and a waste of money if they don’t provide that arch support.

Whilst orthotic and custom fit insoles are an option, most shoes cannot fit this extra elevation. It’s a matter of either wearing shoes that slip off or wearing flat shoes that cause pain.

New Balance shoes are a game-changer for people with flat feet. Their shoes are designed with a foam insole that provides a cushioned arch, so you don’t have to worry about finding insoles or succumbing to discomfort.

Here are the 9 best New Balance shoes for flat feet! 


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These shoes are ideal for women who like to walk regularly, or who need a good shoe to work in.

Made of leather and mesh, these shoes are all about comfort and style. The upper design is modern and sleek and provides a versatile appearance for any situation.

The standout feature is the midsole cushioning. This is ideal for people with flat feet, as this cushioning provides gentle support that isn’t too harsh on the foot.

Likewise, the outsole is ergonomically designed to maintain a stable stature - meaning you don’t have to worry about your foot rolling over.

There is also a padded tongue to provide safety to the toes, and a foam collar to prevent rubbing and blisters. Ideal for long walking sessions! 


  • Midsole cushioning provides a supporting arch for a flat foot
  • Foam collar for ankle comfort
  • Ergonomic outsole for stability


  • Roomy for toes and heels - ideal for walking but not for running


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The Roav V1 sneakers are all about ensuring endurance. Usable for running or walking, these shoes are designed to provide plush comfort during exercise without exhausting the feet.

This is achieved by the fresh foam midsole that creates a supportive arch, and the ergonomic outsole that helps to balance and stabilize the foot. Ideal for long exercising sessions!

The upper of these shoes is made of mesh to provide suitable ventilation. They are also comfortable around the ankle due to the ultra heel design that provides stability around the heel.

Visually, these shoes are modern, fashionable, and come in a variety of colors.

These are most ideal for men or women with wide feet. 


  • Ideal for running and exercise
  • Foam midsole provides arch support
  • Ultra heel hugs the ankle for stability
  • Mesh upper for breathability


  • Mesh upper is not waterproof 


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The 1500 V6 shoes are most ideal for women who want a supportive running shoe.

Something that ordinary walking shoes often lack is responsivity, but these shoes are designed to support runners with their lightweight and bouncy rubber sole to enhance maneuverability.

These shoes feature a lightweight cushioned midsole that offers the right amount of support for the foot. Made of synthetic rubber and mesh, they are well ventilated and designed to encourage longer running sessions.

Even if you have high arches, these shoes are designed to wrap around each foot shape to provide comfort. No more having to cut the exercise short due to uncomfortable feet!

Visually, these shoes are fashionable and attractive with 3 different designs. 


  • Responsive running shoes due to bouncy rubber sole
  • Cushioned midsole for arch comfort
  • Lightweight for extended running sessions


  • Peony design is brighter in person


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The New Balance 520 V5 shoes are ideal for budding runners with flat feet. With mesh uppers and synthetic rubber outsoles, these shoes are lightweight and provide the right amount of responsivity for running.

This also provides flexibility for maneuverability - which can often be hard to find in running shoes with a midsole as they can be stiff.

Of course, these shoes come with an EVA foam midsole to provide a cushion to support flat feet. This is to support the foot whilst running, so there is less chance of the foot rolling over or straining.

The heels are also supported with a cushioned insert for extra comfort and stability.

Design-wise, these shoes come in 7 different colors and are suitable for running or work environments.


  • Lightweight and flexible materials for maneuvering
  • Foam midsole to provide comfort for flat feet
  • Mesh provides ventilation


  • Breaking in is required 


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The Arishi V2 shoes are designed specifically for female runners with flat feet.

Running with flat feet can be incredibly uncomfortable and often painful, so these shoes have a built-in foam midsole that is ergonomically designed to support the foot by providing an arch.

This allows the feet to bounce and respond to a surface, which extends the running time as the comfort is long-lasting.

The comfort continues with the memory sole inserts, which makes it the most versatile shoe for remembering a variety of feet shapes.

The mesh material provides breathability and the rubber sole provides a good responsivity to hard surfaces.

They can also easily be put on and removed as they have a slip-on design, which makes that early morning run even easier to get ready for.


  • Memory foam insoles to comfortably fit any foot shape
  • Foam midsole acts as an arch for flat feet
  • Slip-on design for convenience


  • Model can run small in size


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It’s not usually as easy to find a supportive walking shoe as it is to find a supportive running shoe.

These walking shoes, however, provide ultimate comfort with the CUSH+ midsole that replicates a natural arch for flat feet. This allows for responsivity and stability in walking - ideal for long work shifts or long walks.

Made of leather and mesh, these shoes are as breathable as they are durable. The leather material also means that they are more waterproof than other New Balance mesh shoes, which are more comfortable for walking than running.

In terms of design, these shoes come in 4 colors and are more suitable for practicality than fashion. 


  • Leather and mesh material for breathability and durability
  • CUSH+ midsole to provide a comfortable arch
  • Ideal walking or walking shoes


  • Designed for practicality, not a fashion statement


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These shoes are all about providing flexibility. With the updated Forefoot Flex Grooves, there is an arch in the rubber outsole that encourages stable maneuverability and responsiveness. This subsequently enhances the quality and length of exercise and walking.

These shoes are fitted with an EVA footbed and heel pocket and a midsole to snug the sole without restricting it from movement.

This provides the ultimate comfort for flat feet. To enhance comfort and increase longer exercise sessions, these shoes come with a cushioning that provides comfort upon impact, which is highly beneficial for safety.

The only downside to these shoes is that they only come in a black or white design, which may be restricted to those who prefer color. 


  • Arch in rubber outsole encourages flexibility
  • Cushioned midsole, footbed, and heel pocket for ultimate comfort and support
  • True to size


  • Only comes in black and white


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The 840 V4 running shoes are ideal for those looking for an all-rounder, bog-standard running shoe.

Made of mesh for the upper and synthetic rubber on the outsole, these shoes are designed for extended periods of exercise due to the ventilation. 

The rubber outsole provides enough bounce to create responsive movement upon impact.

These shoes come with an ABZORB midsole, which allows the foot to comfortably fit snug inside the shoe without experiencing discomfort.

This insert is also removable for those who prefer to use their insoles. 


  • Mesh upper and rubber outsole for ventilation and stability
  • ABZORB midsole to provide an arch
  • Removable insert for custom insoles


  • Soles aren’t as durable as other models


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Last but not least, the 608 V5 trainers are suitable for all forms of exercise and walking, making them incredibly versatile.

They are great for flat feet, as they feature a heel crash pad for impact and a memory comfort midsole insert that wraps around each foot shape.

The ankles are also supported with dual-density collar foam that stabilizes the ankles and prevents rubbing and blisters.

The outsole of these shoes is rubber and the upper is leather, which means they are waterproof.

The outsole is also flexible due to the flex grooves which provide comfort throughout the day - great for long work shifts. 


  • Versatile shoes due to cushioning
  • Dual-density collar foam for ankle support
  • Flex grooves in outsoles for flexibility


  • Not the most fashionable shoes

Best New Balance Shoes for Flat Feet Buying Guide

Importance of midsole support

Flat feet aren’t caused by an injury, but can often run in the family. It occurs where there is no arch, which can often rotate the foot inwards to cause discomfort.

Over time, this can even cause ankle, knee, and hip pain if they are not treated.

Some people choose to buy custom insoles if their case is serious. These insoles slip into shoes to lift the foot into an arched position as it should be, and it helps to align the foot and improve walking.

However, these can be expensive and don’t fit into every shoe, meaning that some people have to buy new shoes just to fit these insoles.

If you have flat feet, it’s vital to find the right shoes for your comfort. Untreated flat feet can often lead to injuries - especially if you exercise regularly.

New Balance and flat feet

Fortunately, New Balance includes foamed midsoles in the majority of their shoes.

This is essentially a built-in insole that provides comfort to a flat foot. This is also beneficial for people with foot issues such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

When trying on new shoes, it’s important to give them enough time to break-in. However, if there is still discomfort, then it’s not worth risking the pain.

Some shoes may have a high midsole that is unnatural, which will also cause discomfort. 


What are the best running shoes for flat feet?

For women, the best running shoes are New Balance Women's 624 V2 Cross Trainer. For men, we recommend the New Balance Men's 840 V4 Running Shoe.

Both of these shoes offer great midsole support that mimics an arch, providing a comfortable fit and enhances stability.

Is New Balance good for flat feet?

Yes! The majority of New Balance shoes are equipped with a foam midsole that provides support for flat feet.

This arch design can straighten feet, and therefore realign the ankle and leg to prevent pain. Not only are they good for running, but also walking and long work shifts.

These shoes are also good for plantar fasciitis, as the midsoles straighten the foot to prevent shooting pains.

What is the New Balance sizing like?

It depends on the model of the shoe, as some will have different size guides. Running shoes generally are slimmer than walking shoes to provide a lightweight fit.

Some models will offer specific wide sizes for wide feet, which is important to consider when prioritizing foot comfort.

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