10 Best Shoes For Ankle Support

A shoe is not only a design, it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way that you’re going to move is dedicated by your shoes - Christian Louboutin 

When your feet and ankles hurt, taking even the smallest steps can be exhausting and leave you in excruciating agony.  

Taking a stroll around the block or just walking from your car to the store can be a daunting experience and the thought of having to do it, and knowing that you might end up suffering for that one small excursion for days afterward, isn’t just frightening, it’s enough to put you off doing it entirely. 

Ankle and foot pain can reduce your day-to-day existence to rubble and leave you alone, confined to your home, unable to do, and enjoy the things that you used to do, and that your friends still continue to enjoy.

It can also leave you on the fringes of family life, as you don’t feel that you can keep up with your nearest and dearest and play an active role in their lives.

And that pain can also destroy your dreams of being able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, which will just compound the misery it causes and leave you feeling even more helpless. 

It doesn’t have to be like that though, and you don’t have to let your foot and ankle pain dictate what you can and can’t do.

You can reclaim the life that you used to lead and love. All you need to do that is the right pair of shoes that have been purposely designed to provide the ankle support that you need to minimize, reduce and eliminate your pain.

That’s why we’ve found ten of the best shoes for ankle support so that no matter what you enjoy doing, you can slide back into it and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be free from the pain that used to control your life.


A long-time favorite of podiatrists, Brooks Addiction Walkers have been engineered to create all the support that your ankles and feet need so you can get back out into the world and enjoy your life again.

The innovative outsole design and Brooks MC Prod construction ensure that your feet will always remain stable and comfortable and reduce the amount of stress placed on your ankles while you’re wearing them. 

The Addiction Walker is also fitted with an extended progressive diagonal rollbar that supports your arches and ankles and allows you to just fall into your natural gait and walking rhythm and provides all of the support that your ankles and feet desperately need.


  • BioMoGo DNA - Every pair of AddictionWalkers is fitted with a soft cushioning sole that absorbs the impact of every step that you’ll take and makes sure that each one will be comfortable and pain-free.
  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar - Brooks patented arch support system also provides an incredible level of ankle support.
  • Sizing - Size is important, and Brooks produces a wide range of sizes and styles, which guarantees that there’s an Addiction Walker that’s been made to fit your feet. 


  • Affordability - Unfortunately, Brooks Addiction is reassuringly expensive. But as a wise man once said, you get what you pay for.  They may be expensive, but they are absolutely worth it. 


Whether or not you enjoy hiking is immaterial, if you’re going to spend a long time on your feet, the best way to do it is with a shoe that was made to cover long distances.

Keens Targee II has an internal support mechanism that was built to cradle your arches and support your feet and, as they’re waterproof, will keep them warm and dry regardless of the weather that you find yourself walking in.

The external mobility shank that the Targee uses works in conjunction with its cushioned collar to reduce any discomfort or irritation your ankles might suffer while providing the support that you’ll need to enjoy full mobility and torsion control.

It’s an all-in-one support system for your ankles. 


  • Support, Fit, and Comfort - The cushioned collar and internal support mechanism are designed to make sure that your ankles are supported and that your feet and arches are always comfortable.
  • Keen Dry - The Targee’s waterproof, breathable membrane lets vapor out but doesn’t let water in, so your feet and ankles will remain dry and safe from any rubbing and discomfort.  
  • Keen All-Terrain - The rubber outsole has been fashioned to grip any surface that you might find yourself walking on outside, but won’t leave any marks or footprints when you’re walking around indoors. 


  • Durability - Despite the fact that they’re made to be incredibly strong and tough and face any and all sort of hiking conditions, some less than satisfied walkers have complained that they don’t, and won’t last the distance.


We all want to embrace a fitter, healthier lifestyle, and ankle and foot pain shouldn’t stop any of us from taking the first step on that journey.

That’s why Asics uses a foam formulation in the sole of the Gel-Nimbus that’s designed to fully absorb the impact of your every footfall. 

And to make sure that you’re always completely comfortable, whether you’re walking or running, the exoskeleton heel counter that’s fitted in the Gel-Nimbus provides improved ankle and heel support for your feet and reduces the amount of stress that they’ll have to face when you venture into the outside world. 


  • Heel Clutching System Technology - It’s been designed and engineered to provide maximum ankle and heel support and reduce the stress that any form of exercise will expose your feet to.
  • FlyteFoam Porle Technology - When you walk or run in the Gel-Nimbus, it’ll feel like you’re balancing on thin air as the sole takes all of the poundings so that your ankles and feet don’t have to. 
  • Lightweight - They’re also incredibly light and durable and when they’re fastened and ready to go, you won’t even know that you’re wearing them. 


  • Narrow Fit - Asics tend to be narrow, especially in the toe box (front of the shoe), so if your feet are a little wider, they may not be the shoe that you’ve been looking for.


If ankle and foot pain has stopped you from shooting hoops and enjoying yourself on the court, then Under Armor has a weapon in their arsenal that can help you to get back in the swing of things.

The lightweight basketball boots have an internal heel counter that, along with their height, is engineered to provide maximum support for your ankles.

And their bootie construction and die-cut EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) sock liner have been made to ensure a snug, comfortable fit, which provides an additional level of support for your feet and ankles.  


  • Molded Upper - The UA Jet uses a perforated and leather upper which as well as being breathable, so your feet won’t drown in sweat, also provides additional support for your ankles.
  • Internal Heel Counter -  It’s been made to give your ankles the sort of support that’ll let you run and jump freely and dominate the game on the basketball court
  • TPU Overlay - This makes the boots durable and abrasion-resistant so they won’t let you, or your ankles, down when you need them the most


  • Manufacture - Some hoop fanatics have reported that while they’re fantastic on the court, they’re not so great for everyday use and the stitching can tend to come undone when they’re put through their paces.


Using open-engineered mesh construction and a memory foam collar, the One One has been built to support your ankles while allowing your feet to breathe in comfort so that you can forget about your pain and get back to doing what you love; running.  

With a full-length molded midsole, an internal heel counter, and a TPU (tough and light polyethylene) overlay, the One One is a running shoe that was designed with stability, support, and comfort in mind.

It was made to let you concentrate on running and not let anything else get in the way.


  • Memory Foam Collar - The One One has a memory foam collar that’s been made to support and provide an additional level of stability for your ankles. 
  • Heel Counter - The built-in heel counter has two functions - heel and ankle support. It was engineered to protect both, and to keep your feet comfortable and safe. 
  • Midsole - The compression midsole runs the entire length of the One One so that it’ll absorb every ounce of energy and reduce the amount of stress that walking and running inflicts on your feet and ankles.  


  • Durability and Affordability - They’re not the most affordable, and if the reviews are to be believed, durable shoes that you can spend your hard-earned dollars on.


The Moab is designed to create out of the box support and comfort for your ankles, heels, and feet and has a supportive footbed and Vibram traction.

They are according to Merrell, the mother of all boots. And we’d be hard-pressed to disagree with them. 

Shaped to provide maximum ankle support and eliminate the stress that walking places on your feet, the Moab is made from synthetic leather and is breathable, water-proof, and fashioned to be durable, tough, and comfortable.

It’s an everyday boot that’ll handle rural environments as easily as it does urban streets.  


  • Shape - The shape of the Moab is designed to support your ankles and make sure that your feet are comfortable regardless of the sort of terrain that you find yourself walking through. 
  • Insole - The insole is removable so you can swap it for a prescription or purpose-made one. 
  • Heel - The Merrell air cushion in the heel has been engineered to absorb all of the energy and shocks that your footfalls make so that your ankles remain secure, safe, and stable at all times. 


  • Durability - The main source of contention that most hikers seem to have with these boots is their lack of durability and given that they’ll give your pocketbook a less than a friendly nudge, it might be worth considering how long they’ll last versus how much you’ll pay for them. 


A little more casual than most boots, the Vargo’s shaft stretches from the heel to the ankle, which means that it’s been fashioned to support both and keep them stable, safe, and secure so that you can stay on track. 

Made from a combination of leather and suede, the Vargo features a removable ortholite footbed, a rubber midsole, a flexible EVA outsole, smooth textile lining and heel, and arch, as well as ankle support.

The Vargo not only supports your ankles and helps to keep your feet pain-free, but it also looks good too. 


  • Shaft Design - The shaft of the boot stretches from heel to ankle to provide maximum support for both. 
  • Removable Footbed - The footbed of the Vargo has been designed to be removable so that you can replace it with your own prescription or individually designed orthotic footbed. 
  • Additional Support - It’s also been built with additional heel and arch support, so it doesn’t matter how much support you think your ankles and feet need the Vargo gives you more. 


  • The Fit - Cklarks make the big, so it’s advisable to go down a size or two from your usual shoe size and if you can, try a pair on before you buy them to make sure that they fit properly. 


If you want to ensure the maximum level of support, protection, and comfort for your ankle and feet, then the only boot that you’ll ever need that guarantees all three is the Lowa Renegade.

The shaft on this all leather boot measures four and a half inches from the heel, so once your feet are inside them, your ankles will be completely safe.

With a full-length nylon stabilizing nylon shank that’s been made to boost their ankle and heel support to eleven while keeping your feet comfortable thanks to a fully breathable, climate-controlled footbed, the Renegade will ensure that your feet and ankles remain secure and pain-free so that you can head into the great outdoors and explore it to your heart’s content. 


  • Shaft Length - With a four and a half-inch, leather shaft that stretches from the heel to the ankle, the Renegade has been made with a singular purpose in mind, to support your ankles and keep your feet safe. 
  • Stabilizing Shank - The Renegades full-length stabilizing shank gives the boot an extra level of stability and security that your feet and ankle will thank-you for. 
  • Footbed - The shock absorbent, climate-controlled footbed will keep your feet warm, safe, comfortable, and dry regardless of the weather. 


  • Affordability - While it’s absolutely true that these are quite possibly the best boots on our list, there’s an incredibly good reason for that, they’re also the most expensive and you’ll probably have to remortgage your home if you want them to dismiss your ankle and foot pain for good. Are they worth it? Absolutely. 


No-one needs good ankle support more than skateboarders do and Vans iconic Sk8-Hi are the boots that have helped multiple generations of skaters get on their boards ride no matter how much pain they were in. 

With a fully padded collar providing an incredible level of ankle support and a fully cushioned heel that’s been designed to absorb all of the shocks of walking, running, and skating, Vans are the skating world’s best-kept footwear secret.

The ultimate in everyday ankle support, comfort, and protection, once you’ve worn Vans, you’ll never want to wear anything else.


  • High Shaft - The padded and protected shaft is designed to deliver maximum support for your ankles and to keep them straight and stable at all times. 
  • Cushioning - While the shaft supports and keeps your ankles straight and safe, the heel absorbs all of the shock and trauma that would usually be passed straight into them with every footfall. 
  • Tough - Sk8-Hi aren’t just tough, they’re super tough and they’ll take all the knocks and damage that daily life will inflict on them. 


  • The Right Size - Sizing can be an issue with Vans, so if you can try them on before you buy them in order to make sure that you’re getting the right size. 


Boots don’t get any more iconic than Dr. Martens and if you want to look good, ensure that you’ve got a maximum amount of ankle support, foot comfort, and protection then there are few boots that will do all those things with the same level of class and dedication as Dr. Martens will. 

With a six and a half inch shaft that’ll completely enclose and support your ankles, these full leather boots use a patented air-cushioned sole to absorb all of the trauma and that walking can inflict on your feet and ankles.

With a century of hard-worn acclaim to their name, there’s a reason why Dr.

Martens boots are still the number one choice for women and men all over the world, and that’s because they’ll always keep your ankles and feet safe from harm.


  • Shaft Length - With a shaft length of six and a half inches these boots were made to support your ankles and keep them safe. 
  • Soles - They’re fitted with Dr. Martens patented air-cushioned soles which absorb all the impact that can punish your feet and ankles every single day. 
  • Longevity - Dr. Martens boots have been designed to last and last and last. There’s every possibility that they’ll last long enough for you to pass these boots on to your children. 


  • The High Price Of Success - All the quality, and ankle support, that Dr. Martens boots are known for all over the world comes at a price. And that price is reassuringly high. 

Best Shoes For Ankle Support Buying Guide

Which Ankle Friendly Shoes Will Provide The Maximum Level  Of Support For Me? 

That’s a very good question and the answer is dependent on a number of very different factors. Are you solely interested in getting the sort of ankle support that’ll help you to overcome your foot pain and find your way in the world again? 

If so, the only shoes that you’ll ever need are made by Brooks and Keen. They might not win any beauty contests, but they’re functional, reliable, dependable, and durable and sometimes that’s all you need. 

However, if you want to look good while you’re conquering and defeating the ankle and foot pain that has held you back and controlled your life for too long, then the only choices that you can possibly make are made by Dr. Martens and Vans.

While some brands fade with age, icons never die and with either on your feet, you’ll not only be pain-free, you’ll also look better than a million dollars in untraceable, small denomination notes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Ankle Support Shoes? 

Ankle support shoes are shoes that have specifically designed to help eliminate foot and ankle pain and to provide an additional level of comfort and ankle support for anyone plagued by problematic ankle issues. 

As well as having higher than normal ankle supports (or shafts as they’re also known), shoes that have been made to accommodate additional ankle support will often feature increased heel and arch support and shock-absorbent soles.

Fashioned with comfort in mind, they can often help their wearers to experience a pain-free life and help them to enjoy all of the things that they used to and have always wanted to try. 

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