14 Best Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Walking miles every day can take its toll on your feet. Wrong-fitting shoes or poorly designed sneakers can rub your feet leaving your heels and toes very sorry for themselves.

Thankfully, there are shoes out there that will protect your feet and keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

Go walk range shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit all of us. Their innovative design technology aims to give you the best support and comfort for walking and everyday wear.

Finding good quality walking shoes will protect so many areas of your feet and we want you to walk in style as well as comfort. That is why we have scoured the market and found 14 of the best Skechers Go walk shoes for you.

Let’s get moving!


Skechers mens Go Walk Evolution Ultra - Impeccable Sneaker, Khaki, 8.5 US

Skechers Women's GO Walk Evolution Ultra-Legacy Sneaker, Gray, 7.5 M US

The evolution form from the Skechers Go Walk range offers everything you need to walk in comfort while being protected.

Your Achilles tendons can come under extreme stress when walking so adequate protection is vital. Thankfully, these shoes offer high rebound energy with every step you take for a comfortable and stylish fit.

These are easy and quick to put on and off with a slip-on and off design. Every step you take will be energized thanks to high rebound ultra pillars so you can move freely and have the right amount of support for your arch area and reduce foot fatigue.


  • Breathable synthetic uppers - Allows for more airflow and ventilation to keep your feet fresh
  • Superior cushioning - Air Cooled Goga Mat insole protects all areas of your feet from fatigue
  • Slip-on and off design - Easy to take on and off in a hurry to save you time


  • Shows dirt - Lighter colors show dirt easily leaving them looking untidy


Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe, Black, 10 M US

Skechers Womens/Ladies Go Walk 3 Slip On Shoes (9 US) (Pink)

If you’re looking for a flexible and very supportive design, these Skechers Go Walk performance shoes could be right for you. Best suited for avid walkers, this model is designed to improve your walking performance and prevent wear on your feet.

Memory foam padding around the shoe’s heel helps them mold perfectly to your feet. Its mesh, fabric, and synthetic uppers with memory foam ensure your feet will always be protected against shock and have enough ventilation to keep them feeling and keeping fresh.


  • Go Impulse and Integrated GOA PIllars - Provides superior flexibility for a better walking performance
  • Goga Mat cushioned insole - Provides high rebound cushioning to act as shock absorption for your feet
  • Lightweight synthetic outsole - Very light on your feet providing enough traction to keep your feet safe from bumps on the surface


  • Width is a little too narrow - Some users have reported that the width of the shoe is not wide enough for their size and is uncomfortable


Skechers Men's Go Walk Max-Athletic Air Mesh Slip on Walkking Shoe Sneaker,Black,11 M US

Skechers Women's GO Walk JOY-15641 Sneaker, Black/Aqua, 6.5 M US

Skechers Go Walk Max and Joy are very popular models in the Go Walk range. As with all Skecher walk shoes, these are available for men and women.

With a supremely lightweight design, these Skechers are very easy on the feet and the eye.

You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your personality and style. Responsive 5Gen cushioning in the shoe’s footbed provides outstanding comfort and protection for long walks or everyday casual use.

The rubber outsole is lightweight but very durable so these should last a long time.


  • 100% synthetic uppers - Breathable and lightweight uppers provide ventilation for freshness and are a super comfortable fit
  • Durable - Rubber outsole can withstand hard impacts to last a long time
  • Air Cooled Goga Mat insole - Adds comfort and cushioning for your foot’s arch and soles


  • Upper area can be a little flat - This can rub against your toes causing discomfort for some


Skechers Men's Gowalk 5-Elastic Stretch Athletic Slip-On Casual Loafer Walking Shoe Sneaker, Black, 12.5 X-Wide

Skechers Women's GO Walk 5-PRIZED Sneaker, Navy, 9.5 M US

For another easy-to-slip-on and off design, these Skechers Go Walk Apprize are ideal.

Not only are they lightweight for easy walking but durable material is used throughout the design to ensure you have long-lasting shoes for years to come.

Skechers Go Walk Apprize shoes are extremely responsive with high levels of Ultra Go cushioning to absorb shock on hard surfaces.

Its dual-density sole offers additional stability and support so your feet won’t ache after a long walk.


  • Durable - Strong material in the construction means that these shoes should last a very long time
  • Mesh uppers - Very breathable mesh with elastic gore panels for an easy and secure fit
  • Extra cushioning - Provides lightweight and responsive cushioning for added foot support


  • Stretch easily - Have been known to stretch after some use becoming a loose-fitting


Skechers Men's GO Walk Gowalk Evolution Ultra-Enhance Sneaker, Black, 11 M US

Skechers Women's GO Walk Evolution Ultra-Enhance Sneaker, Charcoal/Blue, 11 W US

If you’re looking to blend fashion and comfort, Skecher GOWalk Evolution Ultra-Enhance Sneaker could be the best choice for you.

A thick rubber outsole provides excellent support for your feet so you can walk for hours without any discomfort.

High rebound pillars energize every step you take so it will feel like you are almost bouncing as you walk. These shoes absorb enough shock so your feet don’t feel any pain, even if you decide to go for a jog.


  • Very lightweight - Comfortable and very responsive Ultra GO cushioning for your soles, toes, and heels
  • High traction outsole tread - Provides a strong grip to keep you stable when walking
  • Leather inlays - Offers added structural support to prevent feet fatigue and aches


  • Narrow - Users have reported that the shoes feel very narrow, especially on those with wider feet


Skechers GO Walk 5-55502 Men's Gowalk 5 Sneaker, Navy/Brown, 12 M US

Skechers Performance Women's GO Walk Revolution Ultra-15669 Sneaker,charcoal/hot pink,8.5 M US

These stylish walking shoes would look great on a night out as well as a day out walking. With three colors to choose from, you should be able to find Skecher GOWalk Lite 5 Sneakers to suit your style.

These sport the popular 5Gen cushioning design that is renowned for adding higher levels of support than many walking shoes on the market.

Their easy-fit design and lace-up features mean you can take them on and off with ease with the choice to leave the laces done up to save time when you put them on next.


  • Stylish - Can choose from three different colors that suit formal occasions as well as neighborhood strolls
  • Durable - A strong rubber outsole supports your feet and shoes through everyday use with high traction
  • Fabric and textile uppers - These are made in a boat style for easy breathability and comfort


  • Sizes can be wrong - Some sizes can differ from what is advertised


Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker,black,10 M US

Here we have another pair of lightweight and breathable mesh walking shoes that will be your worthy companions on long summer walks.

There is a superb level of cushioning provided to keep your feet safe from any stress on tough terrains.

A secure lace-up system is very helpful at keeping your shoes strapped tightly to your feet but adjustable for different feet sizes.

A Goga Max high energy return insole keeps the soles of your feet free from shock and pain over long walks.


  • Lightweight and breathable textile uppers - Light enough for your toes to move freely inside the shoes and have enough air to keep them cool
  • 5Gen cushioning - Adds extra comfort so long walks won’t take their toll on your feet
  • Easy fit design - Very quick and simple to take on and off with a secure lace-up system to keep your feet stable inside the shoe


  • Very wide - Width is too large for some wearers causing feet to move around inside the shoe too much


Skechers Men's Go Walk Max-Athletic Air Mesh Slip on Walkking Shoe Sneaker,Black,7 M US

These Max Athletic slip-on shoes are perfect for avid walkers who like to keep fit. You will get maximum support from these shoes thanks to Goga Max Technology in the insole and added cushioning.

The midsole includes injection-molded compounds for added support and a durable rubber outsole provides supreme stability for long-lasting use so you can save money from buying new shoes often.


  • Range of colors - Can choose from different colors to match your style and persona 
  • Soft & flexible mesh fabric uppers - Fit perfectly to your feet so they don’t feel constricted or too loose inside the shoe
  • Goga Max Technology on the insole - Adds extra support and cushioning to your feet


  • Too much cushioning - The extra cushioning can be too much for some wearers causing feet to heat up


Skechers Women's GO Walk SMART-16700 Sneaker, Raspberry, 5 M US

Skechers Womens’ Go Walk Smart shoes are very similar to our previous entry.

Not only do they come in five different colors but their fabric and synthetic design are made to mold to your foot’s dimensions perfectly.

Delve into these shoes and you’ll find an Ultra GO Lightweight cushioning system that is very responsive when walking or jogging.

Its mesh upper is breathable and flexible so your toes can wiggle freely and stay cool on long walks.


  • Flexible - Fabric and synthetic design to adjust to your foot size
  • Range of colors - 5 color options to suit your style
  • Wide - Ideal for those with wider sized feet


  • Needs more stretch - Can be difficult getting feet in and out due to lack of stretchiness


Lightweight and cushioned. Skechers Gowalk 5 Qualify walking shoes have a supportive dual-density midsole that enhances comfort and lets your feet bounce off the terrain as you walk.

These shoes feature an adjustable lace-up front for the most comfortable fit and a breathable athletic mesh upper to ventilate your feet for a cooling effect.

A topped insole cushion bounces back like a yoga mat and also helps to keep sweat away.


  • Machine washable - Easy to clean if they become dirty
  • Air-Cooled Goga Mat insole - Provides stability and support as well as ventilation to prevent sweat 
  • Lace-up and go - Easy to put on and take off with a simple lace-up system


  • Overpacked - The added cushioning and support takes up too much space for some wearers leaving little room for your feet to move


Skechers GO Walk AIR-16098 Sneaker, Black/Hot Pink, 5 M US

Highly comfortable and lightweight, Skechers Women’s Go Walk Air - 16098 shoes are ideal if you are always on the go or like long walks.

A dual-density outsole ensures your feet are always protected from the ground’s rough terrain and have the best stability possible.

There are three color options to choose from so they can go with your running gear as well as casual clothes.

Its Ultra-GO insole foam is highly resilient to keep the soles of your feet free from pain and tension.


  • Lightweight - Very light on your feet for supreme comfort
  • Mesh upper with EZ fit elastic lace closure - Breathable upper for your toes to get more air and its lace closure system is very easy to use
  • High rebound Pillar Technology - Offers excellent comfort and support


  • Not enough heel cushion - Some wearers have reported that the heel becomes uncomfortable due to a lack of support


Skechers Men's Gowalk 5-Stretch Fit Athletic Slip-On Casual Loafer Walking Shoe Sneaker, Black/Charcoal, 11

These slip-on walking shoes offer superb stability and cushioning features so you can walk with ease over long distances.

Lightweight and comfortable, Skechers Merrit shoes are also machine washable so if you end up on a muddy path, you can clean them easily.

Dual-density shock-absorbing soles and an Ultra Go cushioning system means you will be wearing a pair of the most comfortable walking shoes available today.

High rebound comfort Pillat Technology provides a wonderful underfoot reaction against any tough terrain you may come across.


  • Responsive cushioning - Cushioning protects your feet from impacts and tension when walking
  • High rebound Pillat Technology - Helps react to your every step for supreme comfort
  • Machine washable - Can wash on gentle cold cycle for easy maintenance


  • Quite a tight fit - Not suitable for wider feet but ideal for smaller sizes


Skechers Women's Gowalk 5 Honor Casual Sneakers 10 Gray

With soft heathered mesh uppers, your toes will feel in heaven when walking in these shoes.

They will also be fully supported thanks to Dual-density Go outsole and Pillar technology.

A durable rubber outsole offers excellent grip and probation so your stability will be improved on rough or wet surfaces.


  • Pillar Technology - Provides maximum support for your feet
  • Rubber outsole - Offers better grip and traction on all types of surfaces
  • Air Cooled Goga Mat insole - Allows for air to circulate preventing sweat build-up and keep your feet fresh and cool


  • Poor arch support - Not a huge deal of arch support which may leave the arches of your feet in some discomfort after long walks

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